"jaw-dropping guitar solos reminiscent of Slash and Hendrix to experimental sounds unlike anything I have heard"
- Logan Clark, The Willits News

Luke @ Gmail

Blazin Records


Creative, energetic guitarist and vocalist with charismatic stage performance including almost two decades worth of touring, recording and producing experience. Available for exciting, seasoned, professional environment in which skills may be utilized. Equally adept at producing, composing, arranging, and programming, using skills as a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and engineer.




EXPERIENCE 1992-Present

  • Guitarist since the age of 12
  • First Live Performance onstage at age 14
  • Started producing in the studio at age 16
  • Labeled "Blues/Rock Prodigy" – records first Solo album w/ Grammy Winning Producer Dennis Walker at age 18
  • Leader of self-established circle of musicians known as "Blue Luke" Andrews & The Elements, headlining and opening band playing clubs and festivals in California, including a tour of Ireland in 1999.
  • Owner of Blue Luke Productions, Blazin’ Records and co-owner of Mendo Bass'd Operations, a production, remix and recording facility located in Northern California, producing local artists, film music, remix albums, sound-system, experimental, and personal projects for hire for specific markets.
  • In addition to his own compositions, Luke writes extensively with 7-time Grammy Nominee, Dennis Walker (who produced and co-wrote with blues giants such as B.B. King, Robert Cray and more). Luke completed his first self-titled album in 1998, and is currently working on follow-ups.
  • In the film music world, Luke is featured in the score of "Black & Blue: Legends of the Hip Hop Cop" directed by Peter Spirer (Rhyme & Reason, Beef) released in 2006 by Radar Pictures.
  • In 2006 Luke graduated from Berklee College of Music in Boston and was immediately hired as lead guitarist with diverse artist Julian Marley’s Uprising Band, featured on tour and the recording "Awake", on which Luke co-produced two tracks, the single "Violence in the Streets" ft Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley and "All I Know" as well as producing his own and others current albums.
  • "Awake is the third album by Julian Marley, released in 2009 on Tuff Gong. Awake won 'Best Album of the Year' in the International Reggae and World Music Awards in New York. It was nominated for 'Best Reggae Album' in the Grammy Awards."
  • "On Julian Marley’s latest single, he and his brother, Damian Marley, unweave the spiderweb of influences that contribute to Violence In The Streets, touching upon everything from the institutionalized prejudice that contributes to unemployment to the fat-cats making their fortunes flooding hoods with firearms. "
  • In 2008 Luke was featured as producer on several tracks of Mike Marshall’s (singer and writer of 1987’s hit "Rumors" and rap smash "I Got Five On It") album ,"Soul of da Bay" featuring, E40, Equipto, The Bay Bois, San Quinn, and others.
  • Luke’s most exciting and experimental new project is producing, arranging, composing and playing guitar with the pride of the Emerald Triangle, The High-Grade All-Stars, featuring Mike Marshall, J-Medi, Mean Gene, and the recently passed on, Dancehall Dj Moese "Mo Blendy" Angel and Jamal "J-Medi" Andrews.
  • Numerous interviews and press coverage in California include the "Angel City Voice", "Music Connection", in Los Angeles and Radio Stations kzyx, kuci, kmud, kwine, among many others.
  • Performances include : "Medfest 2007 ft. 50 Cent, Akon, Julian Marley" in Nicosia, Cyprus, "Summerjam" Germany, "The Blackstairs Blues Festival" in Enniscorthy, Ireland, "The Clifden Arts Festival", in Clifden, Ireland, "The Hog Farm Pig-Nic" in Laytonville, Ca., "Reggae on the River" , "Reggae Rising", in Piercy, Ca., "House of Blues", "The Baked Potato" , in Los Angeles, among many others.
  • Recently finished production on the new album "Singing Mountain, Running Sky" by Blue Luke & The Elements slated for release in summer 2012
  • Currently Working in Miami on Julian Marley's Latest Album



Vast Knowledge of musical styles
Producing and Arranging ability
Studio Recording, Engineering
Charismatic Performer
Efficient Sound-Check, Rehearsal
Composer/Song-Writer with strong Improvisational Ability
Strong and Responsible Work Ethic
Vocals, Acoustic and Electric Guitar, Electric Bass, Drums,
Piano, Synth and Drum Programming abilities.


  • Laytonville High School, CA 1995-1998
  • Musician’s Institute, Hollywood, CA 2000-2001, studied under Sid Jacobs and Norman Brown, concentration on jazz studies, computer sequencing, and performance.
  • Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA 2002-2006, graduating with a Professional Music Diploma with a concentration in Jazz Studies/Performance, Composition, Arranging, Music Synthesis, and Production. Studied under Armand Qualliotine (20th century Classical Compostion), Brett Willmott (Guitar Studies), Darrell Katz (Advanced Modal Harmony) and many others.



Luke co-produced these songs from the Grammy Nominated 2010 Album "Awake" by Julian Marley on Universal:


"Violence In The Streets ft. Damian Marley"




"All I Know"




Numerous interviews and press coverage in California include:

The Willits News August 2008

"Probably the biggest surprise showing at this year's Reggae Rising was Julian Marley. Living in the shadows of brothers Ziggy, Damian and Stephen for years, he has been relatively unnoticed by many reggae fans. His simple and subtle showmanship, accompanied by a reggae sound that has been untouched for decades, made a strong impression on the unfamiliar listener. Featuring local talent "Blue" Luke Andrews on guitar, the band recalled a time when much of the genre had strong blues and jazz influences. The band moved from legendary Bob Marley tracks to original material with Luke's jaw-dropping guitar solos reminiscent of Slash and Hendrix to experimental sounds unlike anything I have heard from a reggae band, all of it while maintaining a confident and cohesive sound. Julian Marley and The Uprising Band will surely be welcomed back to Reggae Rising soon." (Logan Clark)

Nov. 12 2009 - Eureka Times-Standard

If you listen to the guitar riff on "A Little Too Late," a track on Julian Marley's new album, you're essentially hearing the audition that catapulted Luke Andrews from hanging out in Laytonville, CA to touring with reggae's first family.

The story of Andrews' improbable journey -- which made a stop in Eureka last week -- began when he was about 15 years old and met a man on the streets of Laytonville who used to know Bob Marley. Andrews and the man, Desmond Smith, made fast friends, passing hours in Andrews' room, putting together dub beats and reggae tunes, with Smith handling the vocals and Andrews playing all the instruments. Andrews said that, over the ensuing years, Smith would repeatedly tell him that he had played some of the songs for Bob Marley's children, and that they were interested in working with him. Andrews wasn't so sure. "He'd tell me every time, 'Yeah, they love the tapes and I'm going to hook you up with them,'" Andrews recalled.

Some 15 years after their first meeting -- after Andrews had put together a solo album in Los Angeles, the blues-inspired "Blue Luke Andrews & Friends ," and spent stints living in Ireland and Hawaii -- Andrews was back in Laytonville in 2006 when he ran into Smith again, who told him the Marleys were ready to give him a shot. "I was like, 'whatever,' it had been 15 years of that," Andrews said, adding that he got quite a surprise a couple of days later. "One day Julian just called my house, and left a message with my step mom." The message was that he was going to fly Andrews out to the Marleys' studio in Miami to see if his bluesy sound would fit with that of Julian's in-progress album, "Awake." "They were working on a track and said, 'You have any ideas?'" Andrews said, adding that he quickly said yes, and was sent into the recording booth. "I just closed my eyes and went in and did it in one take. When I opened my eyes, they all had their thumbs up. The guitar you hear on ("A Little Too Late") was my audition."

Julian and brother Stephen Marley obviously liked what they heard, as they hired Andrews to play guitar and do some production work on the rest of the album, and later to go on tour with Julian Marley and the Uprising. While it appears an odd fit on the surface, a kid from Laytonville touring the world with reggae's most recognizable names, it all makes sense in the context of history. When Bob Marley and the Wailers looked to expand its sound to reach audiences outside of Jamaica with its third international release, "Natty Dread," the group hired American guitarist Al Anderson to bring a rock and blues edge to the guitar riffs that would accent the Wailers' pulsing reggae rhythms. They later brought in guitarist Junior Marvin, who was born in Jamaica but largely crafted his sound playing with rock bands in Europe.

And, as much as Andrews loves reggae, blues and rock were his foundation. While Andrews said he loved spending his younger years in Laytonville, he said he grew a bit stir crazy as he got older. "Once I got into junior high, I started to get over it, kind of," Andrews said. "But, I found music. Then, I just wanted to stay home and play guitar, and I kind of did after seventh grade." Andrews said he was home-schooled after junior high and had a teacher willing to craft his entire curriculum around music. "If I had a gig or a show, the art lesson would be making a poster, and math would be dividing up the band cash," Andrews said. "I'd write reports on old blues guys and Jimi Hendrix and stuff like that. It really ended up good."

After finishing school, Andrews bounced around a bit before landing at the Berklee College of Music in Boston in 2002. After graduating, he found the Marleys. Soon, the kid from the 1,300-population town of Laytonville was on-stage in Cyprus, Greece, at Medfest, for his first show with Julian, playing in front of more than 20,000 fans. He's since been to Africa, to Beijing for the Olympics (Julian wanted to be there to support Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt), to Jamaica and all over the country. Then, last weekend, Julian's tour brought Andrews to Eureka for a homecoming of sorts.

"It's one of those weird things in life that just works out for you," Andrews said. "I never expected to be playing for them. I was always obsessed with Bob and that kind of stuff. I think it's just a matter of whatever you put your mind to, you can do. ... I'd just sit in my bedroom and make reggae tracks for years, until Julian Marley called my house one day." While not touring with the Marleys, Andrews said he teaches guitar lessons in Laytonville and works with local artists.

Article by Thaddeus Greenson Copyright © 2009, Times-Standard, Eureka, Calif.

Julian Marley unites Barrymore crowd with hypnotic show
by KATJUSA CISAR The Capital Times ( kcisar@madison.com )

Read more.....

Any feel-good call for unity, as Julian Marley made at his delirious reggae show Sunday night at the Barrymore Theatre, doesn't mean much until it gets challenged.

And lo, early in the show, the challenge appeared next to me out of nowhere like a curl of smoke: a young guy in cargo pants dancing in the aisle like a tweaked-out orangutan in slow motion. So vigorous was his noodling, it slopped his beer on my foot. Oh, brother. Here we go. After a slurred apology, he made his best offer.

"Want to drink my beer so I don't spill it on you?"
More sloshy orangutan moves. "Do you have a pipe?"
"Do any of your friends have a pipe?"

And so it continued. Not exactly a "one love" situation. But where it might have grated on me another time, it was easy to let it go in the presence of the hypnotic music and jubilant spirit of Julian Marley, who played a 90-plus minute show of originals, a few duos with his brother Stephen and a couple of tributes to their father Bob. In general, the sons played their father's songs faster. Julian turned the molasses tempo and heavy-lidded plea of "Stir It Up" into a peppy call to action pierced with Luke Andrews' wailing guitar solos. Julian's take sounded fresh and not derivative. As he often did throughout the show, he flung his arms around and kicked up his knees loosely. The resemblance to his father is uncanny, unlike the beefier Stephen.

Together the brothers hit the zenith of the night when they traded verses on a speedy "Could You Be Loved?" and set the crowd in a feverish dance.

But the performance in general didn't feel like a throwback to Jamaica of the 1970s. The lyrics of Julian's song "Violence in the Streets," a single off his recently released album "Awake," address the current economic problems of Jamaica. His backing band, The Uprising, played with rock and hip-hop while still keeping pretty faithful to traditional reggae.

A couple of songs, like the title track off "Awake," sounded too heavy-handed and slowed down the pacing but in general Julian's originals flowed well and held their own in a live setting for a smooth show.

The tight backing band aced it. The sharp, bouncing chords of the keyboard on the upbeat held down an overall rhythm that hit the downbeat a split second late and gave the music a languid, ever-expanding feel like rings radiating from a drop of water.

It was hard to unscramble Julian's between-song talk through his heavy Jamaican accent and reverb-heavy mic, but the words that came through clearest were a simple message of peace and unity. The audience picked up on it quickly, and it followed them out the door into the mild October night. A group of friends walking down Atwood Avenue post-show stopped in the middle of some drunken bickering when one shouted out, "Shuddup! We gotta be united!"

Read more.....

by David Jeffries

With its wistful chorus, the title track to Julian Marley's Awake invents a new sort of reggae-emo sound. Influenced by the passing of his grandmother, Cedella Marley Booker, the song is a beautiful plea for the youth to open their eyes and let peace, love, and harmony into their heart, but this melodic mix of emo-pop and island music is an anomaly, opening up an otherwise unsurprising Julian Marley album.

Less adventurous and more traditional than his stepbrothers Damian and Stephen, Julian is the sibling to satisfy the more roots-oriented fan, although he does carry a healthy R&B influence like so many other contemporary reggae artists. The silky "Oh Girl" would sound just right on any urban radio "pillow talk" program, while the spiritual highlight "Just in Time" falls somewhere between Barrington Levy and Wyclef. The remaining big numbers are straight-up Jamaican with "Violence in the Streets" sounding like a worthy follow-up to brother/guest star Damian's "Welcome to Jamrock," while the smoker's song, "Boom Draw," offers "A little bit of draw was on Solomon's throne" as the already deep drum and bass get soaked in reverb.

Well-rounded and yet firmly in the genre of reggae, Awake is a comfortable, familiar success with Julian anchoring the Marley Family legacy once again.

other features include the "Angel City Voice", "Music Connection" (Los Angeles, Ca.) "Laytonville Observer" and many others.




Blazin' Records 1998



entire discography : https://blueluke.bandcamp.com/music



Luke's new current project is...


Blue Luke & The Elements is a fun, funky, and high powered group of talented musicians, all local, and focused on free spirited, free improvisatory, loving & soulful sound-jams.

Mixing elements of Funk, Jazz, Blues, Rock, Dub, and Experimental Sounds, the band, led by guitarist Blue Luke features each musician in the spotlight, tearing through soulful Jams, improvising every note.

  The band features:

  • Big Sur Drum and Conga Master, Steve Loebs aka "The Living Drums", has performed with such illuminaries as Babtunde Olatunji and many, many others.
    • Influences include: Giovanni Hidalgo
  • Drum monster Kelly "Kells Bells" Elliott, Luke's longtime drummer, have played together since 1996. Kelly was featured on Luke's self-titled debut album released in 1998.
    • Influences include: John Bonham
  • Drum master Zachary Morris has performed with such notables as: Eddie Gale, India Cooke, Adam Theis, Gabby LaLa, and Laurie Amat.
  • "Suneagle" Mike Hayes is an electric bassist from the Bay area, formerly with the metal band "Full Throttle", where he played at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cinncinati, OH.
    • Influences include: Jaco Pastorius
  • Keyboardist Michael Cantwell, is a local Willits school teacher and family man, and his soulful keys touch just the right spots.
    • Influences include: Steely Dan
  • Keyboardist Chaka Taylor hails from Monterey, but spent a while in Maui, HI playing in such popular reggae groups as Marty Dread and Crazy Fingers.
    • Influences include: Chick Corea
  • Guitarist "Blue" Luke Andrews is from Dos Rios, and after graduating Berklee College of Music in Boston in 2006, he toured the world (China, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Britain, US, Greece, and many more) with Bob's Son, Julian Marley and was featured as co producer and guitarist on his Grammy-Nominated album "Awake".
    • Influences include: Hendrix, Santana
  • Engineer, and younger brother to Luke, Lincoln Andrews is an Expression College alumni and Logic certified Sound Engineer, graduating from Expression College in Berkeley, CA. In addition to being an excellent bassist himself, he makes sure the sound is on point every time and records every show for archive.



Blazin' Records 2012




Luke has jammed, studied, worked, performed or shared the stage with

  • Tre Cool (Green Day)
  • Norman Brown (Jazz Artist)
  • Matt Sorum (Guns n Roses)
  • Steve Lukather (Toto)
  • Tommy Aldridge (Rock Drummer)
  • Ritchie Kotzen (Poison)
  • Slash (Guns n Roses)
  • Indiana Slim (Blues Master)
  • Widgeon Holland (Texan Singer Guitarist)
  • Ben Prevo (Irish Blues Man)
  • Dennis Walker (Legendary Blues Producer)
  • Alan Mirikitani (LA Singer Guitarist )
  • Julie Winchester (LA R&B Vocalist)
  • Junior Marvin (Guitarist)
  • Julian Marley (Reggae Artist)
  • Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley (Reggae)
  • Stephen Marley (Reggae)
  • Ziggy Marley (Pop Reggae)
  • Spragga Benz (Dancehall)
  • Mr. Cheeks (Rap)
  • Shaggy (Popular)
  • Ishi Dube (Reggae)
  • Sly Dunbar (Reggae Drummer)
  • Darryl Thompson (Reggae Guitarist)
  • Steel Pulse (Reggae Vocalist/Keyboardist)
  • Sean Kingston (Popular)
  • Stevie Culture (Reggae)
  • Capleton (Dancehall)
  • Andrew Tosh (Reggae)
  • Israel Vibration (Reggae)
  • Third World (Reggae)
  • Buju Banton (Reggae)
  • Toots & The Maytals (Reggae)
  • Mike Marshall (R&B Vocalist)
  • E-40 (Rap)
  • Mistah FAB (Rap)
  • San Quinn (Rap)
  • Spice 1 (Rap)
  • Shag Nasty (Rap)
  • Spragga Benz (Dancehall)
  • Equipto (Rap)
  • Dj Pause (Rap)
  • Mean Gene (Vocalist)
  • Moese Angel (Vocalist)
  • J-Medi (Vocalist)
  • Cali Green (Vocalist)
  • Chris Zeigler (Saxophonist)
  • Jim Dooley (Trumpet)
  • Nicholas Anderson (NYC Jazz Drummer)
  • Armand Qualliotine (Composer)
  • Tisziji Munoz (Guitarist)
  • Lama Lodo (KDK)

and many others not mentioned here....





  • Co-Produced w/ Dennis Walker
    • The Blue Luke Express - "Luke" 1998 Blazin'

  • Co-Produced w/ Julian Marley
    • Julian Marley - "Violence" ft. Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley 2009 Universal
    • Julian Marley - "All I Know" 2009 Universal
  • Co-Produced w/ Michael Marshall
    • Michael Marshall ft. E40, San Quinn - "Whatchu Tryin' Ta Do" 2008 Jakil
    • Michael Marshall - "Alone Again" 2008 Jakil
    • Michael Marshall ft. Spice 1, San Quinn, Mistah FAB - "Stop, Look, Listen" 2008 Jakil

        Other collabs

  • The High Grade All Stars - "Dankster Music" (Album) 2009 Blazin'

  • Moese Angel – “Jah Mission” 2009 Mountain Moon
  • Single - The Bay Boy Bandits - Target 2009
  • Single - Stevie Culture - "Smooth Sailing" Blazin' 2010
  • Blue Luke & The Elements- "Singing Mountain, Running Sky" Blazin' 2012

    References available upon request




    List of Performances since JULY 2006 :

          w/ Julian Marley & The Uprising Band 2006

    2006-JUL-25 Nicosia, Cyprus @ Medfest ft .50 Cent, Akon

          w/ Julian Marley & The Uprising Band 2007

    2007-MAR-03 Miami, FL @ Carribbean Festival
    2007-APR-13 Conakry, Guinea, West Africa
    2007-OCT Long Beach, CA @ Long Beach Reggae Festival

          w/ Julian Marley & The Uprising Band 2008

    2008-JUL Costa Rica (Acoustic)
    2008-APR-19 Canada @ MTV Whistler
    2008-MAY Montauk, NY (Acoustic)
    2008-MAY Memphis, TN @ Beale Street Music Festival
    2008-MAY New Orleans, LA @ Jazz & Heritage Festival
    2008-AUG-03 Humboldt County, CA @ Reggae Rising
    2008-AUG-04 San Francisco, CA @ The Independent
    2008-AUG-05 Hermosa Beach, CA @ Saint Rocke
    2008-AUG-06 Malibu, CA @ Malibu Inn
    2008-AUG San Diego, CA @ Raggamuffin Festival w/ Ziggy Marley
    2008-AUG Beijing, CH @ Olympics
    2008-SEP-18 Las Vegas, NV @ Hard Rock Hotel
    2008-SEP-22 Detroit, MI @ Ford Fridays

          w/ Julian Marley & The Uprising Band 2009

    2009-AUG-27 Orlando, FL, USA @ Memory Hall @ UCF
    2009-SEP-03 Miami, FL, USA @ Brickell Irish Pub
    2009-SEP-06 Palmetto Bay, FL, USA @ Palmetto Bay Village Center
    2009-SEP-11 Quebec, QC, Canada @ Envol & Macadam Festival
    2009-SEP-19 Toronto, Canada @ Coronarion Park Toronto Waterfront
    2009-SEP-29 Los Angeles, CA, USA @ Kress

          w/ Julian Marley & The Uprising Band ft. Stephen Marley / Javaughan 2009

    2009-OCT-08 Jacksonville, FL @ Freebird Live
    2009-OCT-09 Atlanta, GA @ The Loft at Center Stage
    2009-OCT-10 Charlotte, NC @ Amos’ Southend
    2009-OCT-11 Richmond, VA @ The National
    2009-OCT-13 Towson, AZ @ Reacher Theatre
    2009-OCT-14 Falls Church, DC @ State Theatre
    2009-OCT-16 Hartford, CT @ West Indian Social Club
    2009-OCT-17 Foxborough, MA @ Showcase live
    2009-OCT-18 Burlington, VT @ Higher Ground (Ballroom South)
    2009-OCT-19 New York, NY @ B.B King Blues Club & Grill
    2009-OCT-21 Brooklyn, NY @ Brooklyn Bowl
    2009-OCT-23 Chicago, IL @ Wild Hare
    2009-OCT-24 Minneapolis, MN @ Cabooze
    2009-OCT-25 Madison, WI @ Barrymore Theatre
    2009-OCT-27 Lawrence, KS @ Granada Theatre
    2009-OCT-30 Boulder, CO @ Fox Theatre
    2009-OCT-31 Aspen, CO @ Belly Up Aspen
    2009-NOV-01 Durango, CO @ The Abbey Theatre
    2009-NOV-03 Salt Lake City, UT @ Club Bliss
    2009-NOV-05 Seattle, WA @ Showbox At The Market
    2009-NOV-06 Portland, OR @ Roseland Theater
    2009-NOV-07 McDonald TheatreEugene, OR
    2009-NOV-10 Ashland, OR @ Historic Ashland Armory
    2009-NOV-12 Santa Cruz, CA @ The Catalyst
    2009-NOV-13 West Hollywood, CA @ House of Blues
    2009-NOV-14 Pozo, CA @ Pozo Saloon
    2009-NOV-15 San Diego, CA @ World Beat Center
    2009-NOV-17 Albuquerque, NM @ Sunshine Theatre
    2009-NOV-19 Houston, TX @ House of Blues
    2009-NOV-20 Austin, TX @ Aces Lounge
    2009-NOV-21 New Orleans, LA @ House Of Blues
    2009-NOV-22 Miami, FL @ Adrienne Arsht Center

          w/ Julian Marley & The Uprising Band European Tour 2009

    2009-NOV-27 Aarau, Switzerland @ KIFF
    2009-NOV-28 Grenoble, France @ Summum
    2009-NOV-29 Paris, France @ Elysee Montmartre
    2009-NOV-30 Petit-Quevilly, France @ Exo 7
    2009-DEC-02 Mulhouse, France @ Noumatrouff
    2009-DEC-03 Bologna, Italy @ Estragon
    2009-DEC-04 Romans sur lsere, France @ La Mandragore
    2009-DEC-05 Lausanne, Switzerland @ D! Club
    2009-DEC-06 Cologne, Germany @ Essigfabrik
    2009-DEC-08 Hamburg, Germany, @ Fabrik
    2009-DEC-09 Amsterdam, Netherlands @ Paradiso
    2009-DEC-10 Ris Oranges, France @ Le Plan
    2009-DEC-11 Bouzonville, France @ Saile Des Fetes
    2009-DEC-13 Saint Agreve, France @ Chateau Lacour
    2009-DEC-14 Villeurbanne, France @ CCO
    2009-DEC-16 Madrid, Spain @ Penelope
    2009-DEC-17 Barcelona, Spain @ Sala Razzmatazz
    2009-DEC-18 Montpellier, France @ Rockstore
    2009-DEC-19 Perpignan, France @ El Mediator
    2009-DEC-20 Athens, Greece @ Votanikos
    2009-DEC-21 Thessalonki, Greece @ Block 33

          w/ Julian Marley @ The Uprising Band 2010

    2010-JAN-15 Miami, FL @ Cafeina Lounge
    2010-JAN-19 Hermosa Beach, CA @ Saint Rocke

          Raggamuffin Festival Tour Australia 2010
      ft. Lauryn Hill / Sean Kingston / Shaggy / Sly & Robbie / Steel Pulse / Julian Marley

    2010-JAN-23 Rotorua, NZ @ Raggamuffin Festival 2010
    2010-JAN-25 Perth, Australia @ ME Bank Stadium
    2010-JAN-29 Sydney, Australia @ Enmore Theatre
    2010-JAN-30 Brisbane, Australia @ Riverstage
    2010-JAN-31 Melbourne, Australia @ Sydney Myer Music Bowl

          w/ Julian Marley @ The Uprising Band 2010

    2010-FEB-27 Negril, JA, @ Negril Escape Resort & Spa
    2010-MAR-12 Anaheim, CA @ Marriott Anahiem
    2010-MAR-14 Chicago, IL @ House of Blues
    2010-MAR-26 Fort Lauderdale, FL @ Culture Room
    2010-MAR-27 Cocoa Beach FL @ Cocoa Beach Pier
    2010-MAY-21 Brasilia, Brazil @ Centro Comunitario
    2010-MAY-22 Guarulhos, Brazil @ Internacional Eventos
    2010-MAY-28 Recife, Brazil @ Centro de Convecoes
    2010-MAY-29 Lauro De Freitas, Brazil @ Autodromo
    2010-JUN-05 Vail, CO @ Checkpoint Charlie

          w/ Julian Marley @ The Uprising Band 2010

      Europe Tour 2010
    2010-JUL-01 Rovereto, Italy @ Rafanass Festival
    2010-JUL-02 Genelard, France @ Genestial
    2010-JUL-03 Cologne, Germany @ Summer Jam
    2010-JUL-04 Roskilde, Denmark @ Roskilde Festival
    2010-JUL-07 Agadir, Morocco @ Timitar Festival
    2010-JUL-09 Cascais, Portugal @ Parque Marechal Carmona
    2010-JUL-10 Thonon Les Bains, France @ Montjoux Festival
    2010-JUL-11 Plock, Poland @ Reggaeland Festival
    2010-JUL-12 Golfe, Juan France @ Theatre De La Mer Jean Marais
    2010-JUL-13 St Aubin Des Chateaux, France @ Festi' Roc
    2010-JUL-15 Rome, Italy @ Country Club Castelfusano
    2010-JUL-17 Manosque, France @ Parc De Drouille
    2010-JUL-18 Bergamo, Italy @ Fara Rock
    2010-JUL-23 Toulon, France @ Les Voix du Gaou
    2010-JUL-24 Lecce, Italy @ Salento Jam
    2010-JUL-25 Livorno, Italy @ Italia Wave Love Festival

      U.K. Tour 2010
    2010-JUL-29 Leamington, England @ The Assembly
    2010-JUL-30 Manchester, England @ Band On The Wall
    2010-JUL-31 Kendal, England @ Brewery Arts Center
    2010-AUG-01 Notting Hill, England @ Tabernacle
    2010-AUG-03 Falmouth, England @ Princess Pavilion
    2010-AUG-04 Ffestiniog, Wales @ Cell Blaenau
    2010-AUG-05 London, England @ Hootananny
    2010-AUG-07 London, England @ One Love Festival
    2010-AUG-08 Exeter, England @ Exeter Phoenix

      Greece Tour 2010
    2010-AUG-10 Santorini, Greece @ Panthrakikos Stadium
    2010-AUG-11 Ios, Greece @ Odysseas Elytis Theatre
    2010-AUG-12 Naxos, Greece @ Panaksiakos Theatre
    2010-AUG-14 Antiparos, Greece @ Antiparos Stadium
    2010-AUG-15 Aegina, Greece @ Aeginitissa Beach Bar
    2010-AUG-17 Nemea, Greece @ Green Theatre
    2010-AUG-18 Erateini, Greece @ Erateini Beach
    2010-AUG-19 Nea Makri, Greece @ Divers Beach
    2010-AUG-20 Kyllini, Greece @ Kyllini Beach
    2010-AUG-20 Areopoli, Greece @ Apnea Club

          w/ Blue Luke & The Elements 2011

    2011-JUL-07 Willits, CA @ Hoodoo Jam at Mendonesia Café
    2011-JUL-09 Arcata, CA @ Humboldt Festival w/ Ishi Dube
    2011-JUL-14 Willits, CA @ Freedom Jam, Mendonesia Café
    2011-JUL-21 Willits, CA @ Freedom Jam, Mendonesia Café
    2011-JUL-28 Willits, CA @ Freedom Jam, Mendonesia Café
    2011-AUG-04 Willits, CA @ Freedom Jam , Mendonesia Café
    2011-AUG-07 Laytonville, CA @ Gaia Festival w/ Willits Shakespeare Company
    2011-AUG-11 Willits, CA @ Freedom Jam, Mendonesia Café
    2011-AUG-18 Willits, CA @ Freedom Jam, Mendonesia Café
    2011-AUG-25 Willits, CA @ Freedom Jam, Mendonesia Café
    2011-SEP-02 Willits, CA @ Freedom Jam, Mendonesia Café
    2011-SEP-09 Willits, CA @ Freedom Jam, Mendonesia Café
    2011-SEP-16 Willits, CA @ Freedom Jam, Mendonesia Café
    2011-SEP-23 Willits, CA @ Freedom Jam, Mendonesia Café
    2011-SEP-30 Willits, CA @ Freedom Jam, Mendonesia Café
    2011-OCT-07 Willits, CA @ Freedom Jam, Mendonesia Café
    2011-OCT-08 Laytonville, CA @ Laytonville Artwalk
    2011-OCT-14 Willits, CA @ Freedom Jam, Mendonesia Café
    2011-OCT-21 Willits, CA @ Freedom Jam, Mendonesia Café
    2011-OCT-22 Redway, Ca @ Mateel Community Center w/ Ishi Dube
    2011-OCT-28 Willits, CA @ Freedom Jam, Mendonesia Café
    2011-OCT-29 Willits, CA @ Shanachie Pub
    2011-NOV-04 Willits, CA @ Freedom Jam, Mendonesia Café
    2011-NOV-05 Ukiah, CA @ The Alley
    2011-NOV-11 Willits, CA @ Freedom Jam, Mendonesia Café
    2011-NOV-18 Willits, CA @ Freedom Jam, Mendonesia Café
    2011-NOV-25 Willits, CA @ Freedom Jam, Mendonesia Café
    2011-NOV-26 Benbow, CA @ Toph's House w/ Ishi Dube
    2011-DEC-02 Willits, CA @ Freedom Jam, Mendonesia Café
    2011-DEC-03 Willits Grange, CA
    2011-DEC-09 Willits, CA @ Freedom Jam, Mendonesia Café
    2011-DEC-10 Willits, CA @ Shanchie Pub
    2011-DEC-16 Willits, CA @ Freedom Jam, Mendonesia Café
    2011-DEC-23 Willits, CA @ Freedom Jam, Mendonesia Café
    2011-DEC-30 Willits, CA @ Freedom Jam, Mendonesia Café
    2011-DEC-31 Willits, CA @ Private Party Lindsay & Brian

          w/ Blue Luke & The Elements 2012

    2012-JAN-06 Willits, CA @ Freedom Jam, Mendonesia Café
    2012-JAN-13 Willits, CA @ Freedom Jam, Mendonesia Café
    2012-JAN-20 Willits, CA @ Freedom Jam, Mendonesia Café
    2012-JAN-27 Willits, CA @ Freedom Jam, Mendonesia Café
    2012-FEB-03 Willits, CA @ Freedom Jam, Mendonesia Café
    2012-FEB-10 Willits, CA @ Freedom Jam, Mendonesia Café
    2012-FEB-17 Willits, CA @ Freedom Jam, Mendonesia Café
    2012-FEB-24 Willits, CA @ Freedom Jam, Mendonesia Café
    2012-MAR-02 Willits, CA @ Freedom Jam, Mendonesia Café
    2012-MAR-09 Willits, CA @ Freedom Jam, Mendonesia Café
    2012-MAR-23 Caspar, CA @ Caspar Inn w/ Ishi Dube
    2012-MAR-24 Willits, CA @ Freedom Jam, Mendonesia Café
    2012-APR-07 Willits, CA @ Freedom Jam Mendonesia Café
    2012-APR-14 Willits, CA @ Freedom Jam Mendonesia Café
    2012-APR-21 Willits, CA @ Freedom Jam Mendonesia Café
    2012-APR-28 Willits, CA @ Freedom Jam Mendonesia Café
    2012-APR-28 Willits, CA @ Benefit for Willie Vogel at Masonic Temple
    2012-MAY-04 Willits, CA @ Freedom Jam Mendonesia Café
    2012-MAY-11 Willits, CA @ Freedom Jam Mendonesia Café
    2012-MAY-18 Willits, CA @ Freedom Jam Mendonesia Café
    2012-MAY-25 Willits, CA @ Freedom Jam Mendonesia Café

          Blue Luke & The Elements Summer Tour 2012

    2012-JUN-01 Willits, CA @ Freedom Jam Mendonesia Café,
    2012-JUN-08 Willits, CA @ Freedom Jam Mendonesia Café
    2012-JUN-09 Willits, CA @ Private Party for Tim Handley - Walker Lake
    2012-JUN-15-FRI Willits, CA @ Mendonesia Café
    2012-JUN-16-SAT Laytonville, CA @ Boomer's
    2012-JUN-22-FRI Willits, CA @ Mendonesia Café
    2012-JUN-23-SAT Laytonville, CA @ Area 101
    2012-JUN-29-FRI Willits, CA @ Mendonesia Café
    2012-JUN-30-SAT Willits, CA @ Benefit for Owen Kenney, Masonic Temple
    2012-JUL-06-FRI Willits, CA @ Mendonesia Cafe
    2012-JUL-07-SAT Laytonville, CA @ Rossi & Twig's Wedding, Tan Oak Park
    2012-JUL-13-FRI Willits, CA @ Mendonesia Café
    2012-JUL-14-SAT Laytonville, CA @ Dance for Freedom Festival, Tan Oak Park 3-4pm
    2012-JUL-20-FRI Willits, CA @ Mendonesia Cafe
    2012-JUL-21-SAT Willits, CA @ Wrongs of Summer Festival
    2012-JUL-27-FRI Willits, CA @ Mendonesia Cafe
    2012-JUL-28-SAT Leggett, CA @ Peg House
    2012-AUG-03-FRI Willits, CA @ Mendonesia Cafe
    2012-AUG-10-FRI Caspar, CA @ Caspar Inn w/ Soulevity
    2012-AUG-11-SAT Caspar, CA Casparfest
    2012-AUG-17-FRI Willits, CA @ Mendonesia Cafe
    2012-AUG-18-SAT Leggett, CA @ Peg House
    2012-SEP-08-SAT Redway, CA @ Head to Head Music Festival
    2012-SEP-09-SUN Willits, CA @ Kinetic Carnivale
    2012-SEP-14-FRI Willits, CA @ Mendonesia Cafe 9:30PM
    2012-SEP-21-FRI Willits, CA @ Mendonesia Cafe 9:30PM
    2012-SEP-22-SAT Laytonville, CA @ Art Walk
    2012-SEP-28-FRI Willits, CA @ Mendonesia Cafe 9:30PM
    2012-OCT-05-FRI Willits, CA @ Mendonesia Cafe 9:30PM
    2012-OCT-12-FRI Willits, CA @ Mendonesia Cafe 9:30PM
    2012-OCT-19-FRI Willits, CA @ Mendonesia Cafe 9:30PM
    2012-OCT-26-FRI Willits, CA @ Mendonesia Cafe 9:30PM
    2012-OCT-27-SAT Laytonville, CA Wheels Cafe, Benefit for Jason Crane
    2012-NOV-02-FRI Willits, CA @ Mendonesia Cafe 9:30PMPM
    2012-NOV-09-FRI Willits, CA @ Mendonesia Cafe 9:30PMPM
    2012-NOV-16-FRI Willits, CA @ Mendonesia Cafe 9:30PMPM
    2012-NOV-28-WED Austin TX @ The Stage w/ Widgeon Holland Trio
    2012-DEC-15-SAT Ukiah, CA @ Ukiah Brewing Co.

          w/ Blue Luke & The Elements 2013

    2013-JAN-26-SAT Laytonville, CA @ Benefit at Harwood Hall
    2013-MAY-25-SAT Laytonville, CA @ Wheels Café
    2013-JUN-01-SAT Laytonville, CA @ Healthy Start Benefit
    2013-JUN-08-SAT Laytonville, CA @ Wheels Café
    2013-JUN-22-SAT Ukiah, CA @ Full Moon in June, Ukiah Brewing Co.
    2013-JUL-06-SAT Laytonville, CA @ Wheels Café
    2013-JUL-20-SAT Laytonville, CA @ Wheels Café
    2013-JUL-27-SAT Laytonville, CA @ Wrongs of Summer Festival
    2013-AUG-03-SAT Laytonville, CA @ Wheels Café
    2013-AUG-04-SUN Reggae on the River 2013 w/ Julian Marley & The Uprising Band
    2013-AUG-10-SAT Ruth Lake, CA @ Journey's End w/ Ishi Dube & The Tuff Riddim Band
    2013-AUG-17-SAT Laytonville, CA @ Wheels Café
    2013-AUG-24-SAT Laytonville, CA @ Eel River/Woodman Canyon Liquid Light Party
    2013-AUG-31-SAT Laytonville, CA @ Wheels Café
    2013-SEP-14-SAT Laytonville, CA @ Laytonville ArtWalk 4-6PM, Wheels Café 8-11PM
    2013-SEP-22-SUN Laytonville, CA @ Laytonville Holistic Center Benefit 5-7PM
    2013-SEP-28-SAT Laytonville, CA @ Wheels Café
    2013-OCT-05-SAT W/ Ishi Dube
    2013-OCT-12-SAT W/ Ishi Dube
    2013-OCT-19-SAT Ukiah, CA @ Crush
    2013-OCT-26-SAT Laytonville, CA @ Wheels Café
    2013-NOV-09-SAT Laytonville, CA @ Wheels Café
    2013-NOV-23-SAT Benbow, CA @ Toph's House w/ Ishi Dube
    2013-DEC-07-SAT Woodman Canyon, CA @ Harv & Lorraine's
    2013-DEC-14-SAT Santa Rosa, CA @ Emerald Cup 2013
    2013-DEC-21-SAT Laytonville, CA @ Wheels Café

          w/ Blue Luke & The Elements 2014

    2014-JAN-04-SAT Laytonville, CA @ Wheels Café
    2014-JAN-18-SAT Laytonville, CA @ Wheels Café
    2014-FEB-28-FRI Sebastopol, CA (Crater Station) @ Jasper O' Farrel's
    2014-MAR-01-SAT Laytonville, CA @ Wheels Café
    2014-MAR-15-SAT Laytonville, CA @ Wheels Café
    2014-MAR-20-SAT San Francisco, CA @ Café Royale
    2014-MAR-29-SAT San Francisco, CA @ ET Jazz, Yoshi’s
    2014-APR-11-FRI Willits, CA @ Shanachie Pub
    2014-APR-12-SAT Laytonville, CA @ Wheels Café
    2014-APR-19-SAT Leggett, CA @ Peg House
    2014-APR-26-SAT Laytonville, CA @ Wheels Café
    2014-MAY-03-SAT Laytonville, CA @ The Chief
    2014-MAY-10-SAT Laytonville, CA @ Healthy Start
    2014-MAY-16-FRI Toph's House w/ Ishi Dube
    2014-MAY-24-SAT Laytonville, CA @ Wheels Café w/ Blue Luke & The Elements
    2014-JUN-06-FRI Ukiah CA @ Rivino Winery
    2014-JUN-07-SAT Laytonville, CA @ Leo & Gab's Wedding
    2014-JUN-14-SAT Laytonville, CA @ The Chief
    2014-JUN-21-SAT Laytonville, CA @ Wheels Café
    2014-JUL-05-SAT Laytonville, CA @ Wheels Café
    2014-JUL-15-SAT Caspar, CA @ Caspar Inn
    2014-JUL-31-THU Piercy, CA @ Reggae on the River w/ Ishi Dube & The Tuff Riddims Band
    2014-AUG-14-THU Santa Ana, CA @ The Observatory w/ Blue Luke & The Elements
    2014-AUG-15-FRI Solana Beach, CA @ Belly Up Tavern
    2014-AUG-16-SAT Topanga Canyon, CA @ Topanga Community Center
    2014-AUG-17-SUN Ventura, CA @ Majestic Ventura Theater
    2014-AUG-22-FRI Willits, CA @ Shanachie Pub
    2014-AUG-30-SAT Laytonville, CA @ Wheels Café
    2014-SEP-06-SAT Arcata, CA @ Wedding ft. Ishi Dube w/ Julain Marley & The Uprising Band
    2014-SEP-13-SAT Laytonville, CA @ Wheels Café w/ Blue Luke & The Elements
    2014-SEP-20-SAT Boonville, CA @ Mowkeef Festival
    2014-SEP-27-SAT Laytonville, CA @ Wheels Café
    2014-OCT-03 Caspar, CA @ Caspar Inn
    2014-OCT-04 Anderson Valley, CA @ 215 Main
    2014-OCT-11 Laytonville, CA @ Wheels Cafe
    2014-OCT-20-25 Miami, FL - Montego Bay, JA @ Welcome to Jamrock Reggae Cruise
    2014-NOV-11 San Francisco, CA @ Nickie's w/ Blue Luke & The Elements
    2014-NOV-15 Panama City, FL @ Chili Vibrations Festival w/ Julain Marley & The Uprising Band
    2014-DEC-20 Mendocino, CA @ Hill House w/ Blue Luke & The Elements


    List of Equipment



    • iMac Desktop
    • Apple G4 Laptop
    • Apple G5 Laptop
    • Motu Digital Performer 5.1
    • Propellerheads Reason 4
    • Propellerheads Recycle
    • Neumann U87
    • 1998 PRS CE-11
    • 2008 Fender Strat
    • 1993 Fender Strat
    • 2007 Fender Strat
    • 2008 Gibson Les Paul Studio
    • 2008 Ovation Celebrity
    • 1997 Marshall Jcm 2000
    • 1966 Fender Twin Reverb
    • 3 2007 Fender Blues Jr.
    • Line 6 M13
    • Line 6 FM4
    • Line 6 DL4
    • Line 6 Backtrack
    • Line 6 MM4
    • Dunlop Fuzz Face
    • Dunlop Jimi Hendrix Wah-Wah
    • Dunlop Jimi Hendrix Octavia
    • Dunlop Uni-Vibe
    • Dunlop Phaser
    • Boss Chromatic Tuner
    • Vox V847 Wah-Wah